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PROVIDING the best solution FOR our customer needs

About Us


About Us

A subsidiary of Tenaga Tiub Sdn Bhd, TT Water Sdn Bhd started humbly in 2007 from the water division of Tenaga Tiub to manage all water related projects secured under the holding company. The company is made up of a team of professionals from various engineering disciplines with average experience of 15 to 20 years of direct involvement in water works. Backed by its holding company, the financial ability of TT Water is undoubtedly resilient and sound in handling large scale projects. Since Tenaga Tiub inception into water works in 1997, there were a total of thirty (30) projects of various sizes and nature implemented and completed by this group of professionals, and still counting. Today, TT Water is recognized widely as a key player in the municipal potable water industry.


Core Values

We believe in team work and solving problem in collective effort. Very often our problems do not restrict to single engineering discipline but involve multi-faceted and inter-related engineering knowledge and experience. Many of our problems solving also requires lateral thinking or think-out-of-box approach whereby there are many solutions to one problem but we also believe in optimizing the best solution in fulfilling our customers need. Swift decision making and acting fast to problems has taken us a long way and became our culture in our business dealing.


The People

The success of TT Water lies within the core team which is made up of engineers from various engineering disciplines – mechanical, electrical and instruments, process and environmental. They are also the in-house design team that handles detail engineering design from water treatment processes to PLC and SCADA interfacing. For conventional contract where preliminary design is done by clients’ consultant, the team will perform design counter checks including hydraulics calculation; process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) and producing shop drawings. The site team consists of very dedicated engineers and supervisors that not only well verse in project implementation but also equipped with years of experience in plant operation and trouble shooting. Liaison with client, authorities and consultant at site level are all well managed seamlessly by this group of capable site personnel.


Accumulated over the two decades of experience, TT Water today specializes in the following areas of works;

Potable water treatment process

Potable water treatment process

Tube settler/lamella plates clarification, rapid flow gravity filtration

Mechanical & electrical installation

Mechanical & electrical installation

Raw water intake, chemical dosing plant, treated water pumping, booster pump stations

Mechanical & electrical installation

Control, instrumentation & SCADA

Full automation of process plant, HMI and SCADA supervisory, telemetry and high speed wifi data transfer.

Pumping station

Pumping Station

Pumping stations and interconnecting pipe works within water treatment plant.


Projects 1
Projects 2
Projects 3
Projects 4

TT Water Sdn Bhd specializes in municipal potable water related projects. The team started as project managers in its inaugural project – namely the Malaysian Newsprint Ind., raw water treatment plant of 20mld in 1997, and progress over the last two decades of transformation from project manager to a company that design and build water treatment works and its related ancillary works.

To date, TT Water had constructed thirteen (13) nos. of water treatment plants, two (2) nos. of treated water pumping stations each with 240 mld and 525 mld, and one no. 100mld river intake pumping station, laying of more than 100km of water transferring pipe ranging from 300mm to 2000mm diameter. Almost all of the water treatment plants project we executed includes process, mechanical and electrical works, and instrumentation and SCADA works with design and build elements.

The two largest design and build projects that were completed by TT Water for contract that secured by its holding company are Skim Bekalan Air Kelar, Pasir Mas, Kelantan for RM83 millions in 2003 and Design and Build of Semenyih 2 Water Treatment Plant for RM155 millions in 2016.


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